Connect For Adolescent Girls

Children and adolescents are at an increased risk to become victims of human trafficking or sexual exploitation. This can occur through direct contacts or via the internet through chat lines and video sites. The ASAP Connect counseling program is designed to offer education, resources and support with the aim to reduce the risk and occurrence of commercially sexually exploited children and adolescents. 

The core components include:

  • education
  • enhancing self worth
  • healthy relationship skills
  • safety planning / resources
  • self care

The ASAP Connect Program’s mission is to provide outpatient psychological services to youth (and their parents) who have already engaged in at risk behaviors or are vulnerable to exploitation. The ASAP Connect groups are brief (6 weeks) with targeted outcomes. Individual and family therapy services will also be incorporated as needed.

The groups will target the following subgroups:

  • Adolescent Girls 

    ~Components of the teen girls group are inspired by the My Life My Choice Program
  • Parents / Caregivers

An intake and orientation session is required to determine appropriateness for group.