Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program

Primary Sex Offender Program

The Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program (ASAP) is a 5 month (minimum) intensive therapeutic program for children, adolescents and young adults who have displayed inappropriate sexual behaviors. The ASAP utilizes the existing strengths of the youth and their families. This program accepts youth that have been adjudicated delinquent for sexual assault OR non-adjudicated youth that are at risk for sexual assault.

This program generally includes a minimum of 20 group therapy sessions; 1 of which are for the parents or caretakers only. This program also requires a minimum of 2 individual/family sessions. The frequency of individual or family sessions is determined by the individual needs of the family. These individual/family sessions are not a substitute for ongoing individual/family therapy as most of the youth referred to the ASAP are also referred to individual/family therapy. The ASAP therapists will collaborate with other professionals working with a family to provide the most comprehensive intervention. A specific treatment plan for each youth is designed based on their individual needs.

The ASAP emphasizes an active skills building model as opposed to a passive introspective model. The youth involved in the ASAP will learn about sexual assault, its potential consequences, as well as appropriate sexual behaviors. ASAP will enhance social skills related to developing appropriate healthy relationships and value exploration. Other skills explored are perspective taking, accepting responsibility, decision making, effective communication, and assertive behaviors. Youth will also be required to complete an offense chain, relapse prevention plan, and safety plan.

Progress reviews will be generated approximately once per month to reflect the current progress of each youth. A treatment summary will be generated once the youth has completed the group portion of the program. This treatment summary will include the level of risk the youth poses for further inappropriate sexual behavior as well as ongoing treatment recommendations. Each youth must complete the assignments and participate in the groups in order to successfully complete the group portion of the program. Attendance alone is not sufficient to complete the ASAP. Pre and post tests are utilized to measure progress. In most cases, it is recommended that youth continue with individual or family therapy or are referred to continue in the ASAP Relapse Prevention Program. 

The Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program is located exclusively at two Wisconsin locations:

Serenity Mental Health Services (300 N3rd St., Watertown, WI 53094) Contact: ASAP Coordinator Nina Golemi, MA, LPC, NCC

Family Options Counseling (3505 124th St., Brookfield, WI 53005) Contact: ASAP Coordinator Dr. Christina Diorio