Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment?

Use our secure email at or call 920-545-HELP(4357) to speak with a clinician today!

What should I take to the first therapy session?

This first session will be your intake, which is mostly information gathering. Please bring insurance information or proof of income (e.g. pay stubs, bank statements, copy of last year’s federal tax return, W-2 and/or 1099) for sliding scale payments. If the client will be your child, please ensure that you bring your child with. Any court information (petitions), police reports, team member contact information, and related documents would be greatly appreciated.

How many sessions does restoration therapy take?

This is the most common question most people have when intrafamilial abuse occurs. Since healing does not follow a formula or timeline and varies from individual to individual, it is impossible to predict exactly when reconciliation can occur. However, there is a general guideline of goals that can be followed along the way. The most important thing to consider is the victim’s level of comfort, despite the family’s excitement to begin the process.

Do you offer sex-offense specific treatment?

Yes. Sex-offense specific treatment is available through the Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program and is suitable for juveniles and children who have engaged in sexualized behaviors, whether or not the court is involved. If your child has incurred charges, we pair with your HSW and care team to ensure constant communication. We also provide risk assessments and offer restoration therapy.

Do you offer risk assessments right away?

Since risk for sexual recidivism must be evaluated holistically, risk assessments cannot be conducted without adequate client contact. This typically requires multiple sessions and the gathering of related information pertaining to the client’s functioning within a variety of environments. Therefore, risk assessments cannot be conducted on initial contact.

Do you offer psychological evaluations?

Yes. To schedule a psychological evaluation with Dr. Christina Diorio, please contact

Do you offer Emotional Support Animal letter writing services?

No, we do not offer Emotional Support Animal letter writing services.