Group Therapy

Throughout the year, Serenity Mental Health Services offers specialized group to fit the Watertown area and surrounding communities’ needs. Please contact 920-545-HELP(4357) to see which groups are currently running.

Rise Up!: The Rise Up group for women aims to address comorbid conditions including trauma related and mood disorders by incorporating a largely Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and psychoeducational approach to reduce subjective units of distress and increase daily functioning.

Specialized groups include two within the Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program (ASAP):

Primary ASAP Group: For youth that have engaged in sexualized behavior or offended sexually, the primary ASAP group provides sex-offense specific treatment satisfying court requirements. Largely skills based, this program encompasses individual, family and group therapy to provide holistic healing for clients and their families. Please see our Primary ASAP page or call 920-545-4357 for more information.

Connect Group for Adolescent Girls: Inspired by the My Life, My Choice program, this 6-week group provides outpatient psychological services for youth who have engaged in or are at risk for sexual exploitation. Please see our Connect Group page or call 920-545-4357 for more information.

Upcoming Groups through Break Free Recovery:

Mothers in Recovery: Mothers in Recovery is a support group for current and expecting mothers. Whether you are in recovery or are looking for support finding your way to recovery, this group is here for you. This group will focus on the specific issues and challenges mothers in recovery face. It is a safe and judgement free space where mothers can feel heard and understood.

The Next Chapter: Have you been in recovery for a while, but it doesn’t feel like long-term recovery yet? Are you wondering what the next chapter of recovery looks like? Sometimes in early recovery your support and involvement is intense. You are newly sober and soaking up everything recovery has to offer. But how long does this last? The Next Chapter is a support group for individuals discovering what comes after the early recovery phase.