Spiritual Issues

There is nothing more central to a person's worldview than their spirituality. Spiritual health is a critical component...

Child & Adolescent Care

Oftentimes, a child’s struggle with behavior has underlying causes not easily attributable to the environment. Behavioral issues at school can cause significant stress on the family unit with caregivers missing work to provide assistance to their child. Help for children and their families is available, and caregivers are provided with strategies to help their child...

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy using eclectic treatment approaches can address a wide variety of concerns: Anxiety Depression & mood disorders PTSD & Trauma related disorders Skin picking Loss ADHD Recovery from abuse Spiritual issues …and more. Golemi also has experience working with individuals with autism.

Couples Therapy

Couples seeking therapy at Serenity Mental Health Services have the option of utilizing the PREPARE/ENRICH program in their relationship journey. Whether you’re laying the foundation for or strengthening a seasoned relationship, couples counseling can provide the insight you need to empower yourselves as individuals and as a united pair.

Family Therapy

When cycles of conflict begin, it is often difficult to break free. Family therapy equips caregivers and their children with strategies to overcome unhealthy dynamics and learn how to truly support one another to create a thriving family system. Caregivers are provided opportunities to understand generational cycles of functioning unique to their respective culture.

Military, LEO, & EMT Care

 Active duty military personnel, law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs often endure invisible injuries in the line of service. Likewise it is well known that roughly 22 veterans die by suicide daily. Responses to trauma are varied, and all are worthy of treatment. Active duty military personnel can access confidential services without facing the stigma associated...

Sex-Offense Specific Treatment

 For youth that have engaged in sexualized behaviors and may or may not have incurred charges, the Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program provides sex-offense specific treatment satisfying court requirements. Largely skills based, this program encompasses individual, family, and group therapy to provide holistic healing for clients and their families. Please call 920-545-4357 for more information.

Sex Trafficking Prevention & Recovery

The US Department of Health & Human Services estimates that between 240,000 and 325,000 children are at risk for commercial sexual exploitation annually, with the average trafficked age being 13-years-old. Since 2007...

Nina Golemi

Nina Golemi is a licensed professional counselor with Serenity Mental Health Services who provides psychotherapy via variety of eclectic modalities.