Local nonprofit offers shelter and hope for women and children: Interview with the Cornerstone of Grace

Local nonprofit offers shelter and hope for women and children: Interview with the Cornerstone of Grace

Catherine Hetzel, LPC-IT, Director of Community Outreach

Cornerstone of Grace is a faith-based nonprofit organization located in Watertown, WI, designed to assist and support women and their children in times of crisis. Headed by Michele Altman who oversees the day-to-day operations, their mission is to be a safe haven for women and children seeking to escape domestic abuse.

The mission of Cornerstone of Grace is to provide their clientele with support, love, and spiritual guidance, and to connect them with a variety of resources throughout the community. These resources include mental health counseling with licensed mental health practitioners, social workers, and educational connections with Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). They also provide resume and interviewing skills to assist clients in finding jobs to ensure future financial stability.

As the organization is faith-based, it offers daily devotions and bible study classes to help women and their children connect with each other on a spiritual level. In order to assist women in feeling secure with themselves and in reclaiming their lives, Cornerstone of Grace holds weekly classes/activities. The week is structured in such a way that each day brings new opportunity for engagement both within and outside of the center, developing life skills, and cultivating personal and relational development. For example on Mondays, clientele learn financially responsible ways to shop for and cook healthy foods, Tuesdays include learning about community services, Wednesdays focus on bible study, Thursdays are general clean-up days of the residential facility, Fridays involve outings in the community, and on Saturdays clientele are able to speak with staff and volunteers about any questions/concerns that have arisen during the week.

Cornerstone of Grace also works with and supports the children who are with their mothers at a developmentally-appropriate, foundational level. Part of the care plan for the women at the center is providing volunteer support in child-care responsibilities such as providing day care services, house-sitting, and providing transportation for women and their children to attend outside counseling sessions, medical appointments, etc. Taking a closer look into Cornerstone, one will see dinner hours filled with fellowship among staff, clientele and their children as they connect with one another, share stories, and build relationships, free of the distractions of technology and external stressors.

Returning an earlier point, a driving force behind Cornerstone of Grace’s mission is recognizing the importance of and attending to the physical and mental health needs of their clientele so as to lay the foundation for the development of life skills and relationship-building and the ultimate stability and autonomy of their clientele. In essence it is the mantra that one must learn to care for themselves before they can care for others. Cornerstone of Grace provides such an opportunity.

Ending note: Cornerstone of Grace is committed to their mission of bettering the lives of women and children by providing them the support and care that may be missing from their lives.

To support the Cornerstone of Grace, please donate here: PayPal: https://paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=8J48FEWSQBSUN

Visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenInCrisisWI

or email: cornerstoneofgrace3@gmail.com

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